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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway

August 5th, 2009

Walk the Walk, Dee x Ryo, Fake, angel's wings or a devil's tail?, 12 @ 06:15 pm


Title:  Walk the Walk
Fandom:  FAKE
Pairing:  Dee Laytner x Randy "Ryo" MacLean
Warnings:  yaoi situations
Rating:  PG for right now
Summary:  Every day, he finds new reasons to admire his partner.
Disclaimer:  I do not own FAKE.  Ms Matoh does.  I simply give them different storylines.  ^_^

Sometimes, life was confusing, and Dee could not make heads or tails of the events taking place around him. One moment, everything was all roses. In the next moment, he was smelling dirt, and his perfect world was disappearing like feathers in the wind.

Ryo had been his angel. Dee sometimes swore he saw angel’s wings coming from the older man’s back, and it comforted the dark-haired man during troubled times.

Now it seemed as if Ryo was not his angel anymore, and his wings were quickly turning into horns and a devil’s tail. It was a nightmare, watching the sandy-haired man walk away.

Everything left Dee wondering what went wrong.

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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway