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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway

April 22nd, 2007

Tagging System @ 10:51 am


Yes, this community has a tagging system. How cool is that? ;)

Anyway, behind the cut are the tags for everyone to use when posting an entry. All entries should be tagged with the following information:

theme, number of the theme, fandom

01, denim and leather, 02, satin dreams, 03 fishnet stockings and red panties, 04, on the catwalk, 05, "I'm too sexy", 06, some people got it some people don't, 07, gothic lolita, 08, "But it doesn't match!", 09, all dressed with nowhere to go, 10, fashion statement, Bonus, 11, applause, 12, angel's wings or a demon's tail?, 13, smile for the camera

Note about bonus themes: Only use the bonus tag if you're going to write more than just the ten themes. You're allowed to mix and match so long as you write at least ten pieces of fiction (or a ten-chaptered story).
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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway