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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway

July 28th, 2013

Quick update @ 03:30 am

Yowsas! My, how time flies! I have no excuse for ignoring this community. None whatsoever, and I apologize for doing so. I am going to get myself back on track. If you want to request a couple, let me know in the request. Given that I've not been active in a few years, if you have a claim from that time, you definitely can keep it for a little while longer.

Here's to making a comeback!

January 9th, 2010

From the moderator @ 11:11 am

As of today, I am removing the claims list and all deadlines. What everyone can do now is write their favourite pairings and post at their leisure using the themes of the community.  All fandoms welcome. All original material welcome. The rest of the rules still apply. If you've asked for a claim, consider this your go-ahead with what you've asked for. Just post something here every now and again so I know people are still participating.

Thanks for partcipating and have fun!

August 25th, 2009

No Dialogue. (Naruto. Uchiha Itachi x Deidara, Satin Dreams #02.) @ 02:25 am

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Current Music: How to save a life by The Fray. (Via a Akatsuki friendship tribute vid on YouTub

Title: No Dialogue.
Author/Artist: RogueWarrior869
Pairing: Uchiha Itachi x Deidara.
Fandom: Naruto.
Theme: #02. Satin Dreams.
Rating M.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does.
Warning Minor lime/Yaoi.

He could only see darkness for a moment before he looked to the right and spotted a king size bed. But what caught his attention was not the bed itself but rather who was on it.Collapse )

August 5th, 2009

Walk the Walk, Dee x Ryo, Fake, angel's wings or a devil's tail?, 12 @ 06:15 pm


Title:  Walk the Walk
Fandom:  FAKE
Pairing:  Dee Laytner x Randy "Ryo" MacLean
Warnings:  yaoi situations
Rating:  PG for right now
Summary:  Every day, he finds new reasons to admire his partner.
Disclaimer:  I do not own FAKE.  Ms Matoh does.  I simply give them different storylines.  ^_^

Sometimes, life was confusing, and Dee could not make heads or tails of the events taking place around him. One moment, everything was all roses. In the next moment, he was smelling dirt, and his perfect world was disappearing like feathers in the wind.

Ryo had been his angel. Dee sometimes swore he saw angel’s wings coming from the older man’s back, and it comforted the dark-haired man during troubled times.

Now it seemed as if Ryo was not his angel anymore, and his wings were quickly turning into horns and a devil’s tail. It was a nightmare, watching the sandy-haired man walk away.

Everything left Dee wondering what went wrong.


July 23rd, 2009

The MIA mod is back. @ 10:08 pm


I know this community is quite possibly dead, and that's mostly because of my lack of participation and moderation, but I'm going to try this yet again. Yeah, my real life situation has sucked. No excuses, though.

Anyway, I'm going to attempt yet another comeback and get everything squared away. I've noticed that a few people were quite close to finishing out their claims. I would very much like to see them completed (since you're so close anyway!)  before I do the purge around the first of October. Yes, I know I should do it now and start everything all over again anew, but I don't want the efforts of those who have already posted (and maybe even completed) their claims to go to waste.

So here is the deal: For those of you who have posted and nearly have your claims complete, you're getting one more extension. You have until the first of October to post your snippet of fiction (or your artwork) then add a comment to the I'm Done/I Quit thread to let me know. However, if you're not inclined to complete your claim, you need to let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I can clear that claim out and let someone else have a stab at it.

If I do not hear back from the participants by October 1st, I will assume no one wants their claims any longer. I will then purge the community clean of claims, and, if the person wants that claim back, (s)he will have to wait until November 1st to reclaim. Sorry, guys, but I need to clear things out and allow others to play. I've got a lot of time now so I'm going to do my best to catch up and hopefully whip this place into an awesome writing challenge community.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment here or to send me a PM. I promise I won't bite you! (Unless you ask, of course. ;))

Until October, kids, have fun!

February 26th, 2009

A message from the Moderator (yes, I still live and function) @ 01:28 pm


First of all, I'd like to apologize for my lack of involvement with this community, and I really have no good excuses for as to why. I created this place. I need to take better care of it.

Just a few things I would like to address.

One - if you've completed a claim or if you can't finish it, please don't make a separate post for it. There is a thread for dropping claims and for telling me that you've completed your round of challenges. I'm more likely to see the "I'm done" or "I quit" reply in my inbox faster than I will checking the community's posts. It may seem like a bit of a hassle but that is part of the rules.

Two - I will be purging claims that have not been updated on May 1. There will be no extensions granted for this round of purging since I was to have purged the claims list at the beginning of the month. I feel since I've not been keeping up in my mod duties, you've been given extra time. (This means if you've got something written, now would be the time to post what you've written in order to keep your claim.) I will be getting back on to a regular schedule for updating the claims list and clearing out "dead" claims so please check the bio page for when the claims purge is to take place.

Three - I really do wish for people to have fun with the themes and the writing/art. Having fun is the main reason for the creation of this community and its sister communities. If it no longer feels like fun for you, then please do yourself a favour and pull back for a while. I don't want members to hate the stories/artwork they're trying to create.

Finally, I would like to say I don't care if you want to post your stories and/or artwork on another website, like deviantArt and fanfiction.net. The creations are yours to show wherever you want. Just make sure you let others know where the themes came from. ;)

The claims list has been updated so please take a look at it and let me know if there's something awry with what's on there. In the meantime, enjoy the works posted and have fun!


February 1st, 2009

Costume Party (Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, #12) @ 04:39 pm

12. angel's wings or a demon's tail?
Title: Costume Party
Author/Artist: uh_oh_shuffle
Pairing: Cain/Glitch
Fandom: Tin Man
Theme: 12. angel's wings or a demon's tail?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Tin Man or any of its characters or settings.
Summary: Costume Party Time!

Other Sider Vacations (Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, #10) @ 04:39 pm

10. fashion statement
Title: Other Sider Vacations
Author/Artist: uh_oh_shuffle
Pairing: Cain/Glitch
Fandom: Tin Man
Theme: 10. Fashion Statement
Disclaimer: I don’t own Tin Man or any of its characters or settings.
Summary: Glitch is, indeed, a fashion statement.

Alone (Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, #9) @ 04:39 pm

09. all dressed with nowhere to go
Title: Alone
Author/Artist: uh_oh_shuffle
Pairing: Wyatt Cain/Glitch
Fandom: Tin Man
Theme: 09. All Dressed with Nowhere to go
Disclaimer: I do not own Tin man or any of its characters of settings.
Warnings: Male couple, beginning of slash.
Summary: Glitch has no one to attend the ball with, until Cain comes for a visit.

Matching Cuffs (Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, #8) @ 04:38 pm

08. "But it doesn't match!"
Title: Matching Cuffs
Author/Artist: uh_oh_shuffle
Pairing: Wyatt Cain/Glitch
Fandom: Tin Man
Theme: 08. "But it doesn't match!"
Disclaimer: I don’t own Tin Man or any of its characters or settings.
Warnings: Adult setting, adult situation. Slash.
Summary: “Cain! Plain metal cuffs don’t go with the blue ropes! What if we need to extend?!”

Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway