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August 25th, 2009

No Dialogue. (Naruto. Uchiha Itachi x Deidara, Satin Dreams #02.) @ 02:25 am

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Title: No Dialogue.
Author/Artist: RogueWarrior869
Pairing: Uchiha Itachi x Deidara.
Fandom: Naruto.
Theme: #02. Satin Dreams.
Rating M.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does.
Warning Minor lime/Yaoi.

He could only see darkness for a moment before he looked to the right and spotted a king size bed. But what caught his attention was not the bed itself but rather who was on it.

Laying sideways on the bed, with hair completely down and framing his face was one Deidara calling him over with his finger and one seductive expression.

Without thinking, Itachi's feet moved by themselves as he was transfixed by the nearly naked blond on the bed with sheets he could see now were dark violet in color.

A few steps later he was beside the bed and sat down as the blond, who was only wearing a pair of red boxers, sat up and silently moved closer to him. A lusturous yet mischevious grin appeared on Deidara's face as he wrapped his arms around the raven haired male.

Itachi returned the gesture by wrapping his arms around the sculptors bare waist and the two slowly leaned in for a deep kiss. As soon their lips came together he was careful not to rush his next move and began toying with the blond's lower lip.

After he began sucking lightly on the teen's bottom lip, he earned a small but happy moan and was granted access to slip his tongue inside the other males mouth.

While he trailed his tongue against the roof of the Deidara's mouth, he also began slowly pushing said blond onto his back.

His hand brushed against the soft fabric of the sheet and in the back of his mind he identified it as satin while his hand slowly slid down the sculptors chest and he stopped to toy with rim of the pinned makes boxers.

Almost at the same time Deidara slipped his own hand down the Uchiha's pants....


Itachi shot awake, beet red and panting slightly at the memory of the dream. He looked around the room and after a moment his eyes landed on the clock that read 'two thirty five' he became increasingly aware of a certain problem and immediately wondered if Deidara was awake or not.
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Ten Fashion Statements

Walk Down the Runway